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About SpaceGrid

SpaceGrid Pvt. Ltd. is a company focused on making infrastructure monitoring automated using satellite and land based observations. SpaceGrid is one of leaders in the world for mobile lidar scanning. Over 2000 km of surveying is successfully completed by SpaceGrid in the most diffiult terrains.

SpaceGrid offers monitoring services for infrastructure ranging from bridges, dams, mines, rivers, roads etc. Each infrastructure project has an extremely high risk due to material failure. Proper monitoring is required to prevent a catastrophe that could cause millions in damages. Infrastructure monitoring reduces this risk by identifying areas with high risk of failure allowing for repairs to prevent critical failure. We at SpaceGrid aim to provide a high quality real time infrastructure monitoring service at an affordable price.

Water Sector

Another major focus area of SpaceGrid is the water sector The problems are often complex since they are not independent but coupled. SpaceGrid has expertise in Water Resources management and flood risk management that can help in tackling these challenges.


SpaceGrid is one of the finest LiDAR service provider in India. Based on indigenously developed algorithms, SpaceGrid generates very accurate LiDAR point cloud.


SpaceGrid welcomes students who want to join us. Spacegrid offers you a professional and fun setting. If you are motivated, SpaceGrid would be a great place for you to have an internship or job to kick start your professional life. SpaceGrid does not offer a career but a life changing experience.

Infrastructure monitoring

Due to environmental factors most infrastructures require monitoring. Until now infrastructure failure has been regarded as a risk of business and the monitoring relies on primitive inspection techniques which are not only time consuming but also inefficient. SpaceGrid provides a highly advanced technological alternative.